Jul 24, 2007

A sinful man's intercession

Recently, I was speaking with my grandmother (who is Catholic) who is suffering from terrible foot pain. She said to me, "Too bad there isn't a Saint of foots!"

To which I replied, "I think God can certainly heal by Himself"

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe He needs our help. Maybe He needs the intercession of sinful men.


Stan said...

Well, of course He needs our help! I mean, if we didn't pray, how would He even know what to do for us? And even if He thought He know, would He be right if we didn't give Him the right information? Everyone knows that prayer changes God's mind! Poor God ... He'd be lost without us!

Of course, no one would ever actually say any of that, but it's sad how many actually operate that way.

(Good to see a new blog entry from you.)

Samantha said...

Yeah. And if God needed our help, He wouldn't be God. :)