Jul 25, 2007

The Challenge

I was listening to "FamilyLife Today" and they had an interesting idea: fast from T.V. for the month of August. I never listen to the program, but just happened to turn it on today (I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason).

So maybe I'll take this challenge. Maybe it will influence me to just give up T.V. for good! I really wouldn't mind. There are far better, edifying things to do and read that corrupt my mind with television. I'm one of those people that sits in front of the T.V., trying to find something to watch, but can't, and then flips for an hour or so before I give up. I promise you I would not give a bad book an hour, but T.V.? Yep. Ridiculous!

Yes, I think I will pray about this. If this will give me more time to read His Word and to fellowship with Him, then I say: HECK YEAH.

If you guys have any ideas of some good books that I could read for the month of August, please feel free to comment. So far, the only book I have in mind is "The Holiness of God" (Sproul).

I probably should preface this whole post to tell you that I am not doing this to get approval from God or anyone else. I do not plan on shouting this through the streets, claiming that I am more holy than you :) This is not a works-righteousness act, or a merit-based idea. Just something that might help me grow closer to Him.

And one last thing: Watching television is not a sin, unless you make it a sin. You know what I mean.


Shane said...

We got rid of cable months ago... though we still have lots of DVDs.

I can't figure out how to get the free signals, so we have no TV.

I don't really regret it at all.

Good books? For myself I can think of about a dozen that I want to read right now, but I know I am too busy to.

I want to read "The History of Middle-Earth" series, and then the new "Children of Hurin" but then again I am a Tolkien nut.

I want to read "The Connecting Church" by Randy Frazee. I also have a couple of history books on the Grace Brethren that are awaiting me.

I have 4 books I was loaned nearly a year ago by Avi Lipkin about the threat to global peace presented by radical Islam.

I have the "Dangerous Book for boys" coming from Amazon in a couple of days, along with "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

I still haven't finished reading "Breaking Free" by Beth Moore.

Tons more... I don't know if I have any specific suggestions though.

Samantha said...

Thanks for the suggestions Shane :)