Mar 18, 2007

The fruit of conviction

My soul has been downcast. I've been sorrowful because I see the great sickness of my soul: sin. I do not fear the LORD as I should. My sin is not as horrible to me as I know it is to God.

If I saw who God truly was, every sin against Him should cause me to fall into the pits of despair! I should fall at His feet and weep. I should weep that I caused His crown of thorns, His scourging, His mocking, His nails, His enduring of God's righteous wrath. And yet, I walk around like a ridiculous sinner, ungrateful for the salvation God has so graciously blessed me with!

Oh, if only I was like the great Puritans, who boldly recognized the depravity of their souls, their need of a Savior!

I find that the more I know Christ, the more sinful I see myself. I feel like my hands are stained with blood and filth. How can I walk up to Christ and ask Him to cleanse me? How can I approach His mercy seat when it is His blood that is on my hands?

How sinful we all truly are! How arrogant, boastful, prideful, filthy wretches we all are! How Great a Savior! How great a love He has lavished on such unworthy people as we.

If only it was enough. If only this Truth was enough to cause us to forsake all sin and to grasp tightly the cross that was meant for us. If only we saw with new eyes the seriousness of each sin. None of it small. None of it will be forgotten! For only a righteousness not our own will cause us to see the Glory of God. Praise the Lord, the God of my salvation, the lover of my soul, the perfecter of my heart.

"Infinite upon infinite ... Infinite upon infinite!" - Jonathan Edwards


ann_in_grace said...

He was a great writer.

Sam, You are one changeable blogger. one never knows what template one sees when coming over here :)

Samantha said...

lol. Too much time on my hands!! :D

I'm like my mom. She use to rearrange her furniture in all their rooms about once or twice a month.

Now she just buys new garbages for the bathroom obsessively :D