Mar 2, 2007

A hymn a day keeps satan away....? Day 5

Thou Lovely Source of True Delight

By: Anne Steele

1. Thou lovely source of true delight
Whom I unseen adore
Unveil Thy beauties to my sight
That I might love Thee more,
Oh that I might love Thee more.

2. Thy glory o’er creation shines
But in Thy sacred Word
I read in fairer, brighter lines
My bleeding, dying Lord,
See my bleeding, dying Lord

3. ’Tis here, whene’er my comforts droop
And sin and sorrow rise
Thy love with cheering beams of hope
My fainting heart supplies,
My fainting heart’s supplied

4. But ah! Too soon the pleasing scene
Is clouded o’er with pain
My gloomy fears rise dark between
And I again complain,
Oh and I again complain

5. Jesus, my Lord, my life, my light
Oh come with blissful ray
Break radiant through the shades of night
And chase my fears away,
Won’t You chase my fears away

6. Then shall my soul with rapture trace
The wonders of Thy love
But the full glories of Thy face
Are only known above,
They are only known above


Neva said...

Have you tried a prayer journal? It really helps me keep focused on the needs of others---sometimes i write very specific needs so that I really am specific in my prayers. I also struggle with my prayer life. I am trying to spend more of my prayer time in adoration --this is difficult for me and so i am praying some of the psalms---the ones that speak to my heart--where David uses words that I wish I had to express how majestic God truly is. Right now, right this minute I am going to say a prayer for you ---that you are successful in your pursuit of a more powerful prayer life.
Peace and prayers
ps--found you on the 100 Christian blog roll

Samantha said...

Actually, I'm trying a prayer journal as we speak at

It helps a lot!!! :D

Thank you for your prayers!! You are a blessing to my soul.