Mar 21, 2007


I confess that I am struggling a lot with trying to quit smoking. If you know me, you won't be too surprised with it. I realize that it's not necessarily a "sin" to smoke, but for me, it is. At least, that is what the LORD has revealed to me. I've made smoking my idol. I've made it my comfort when things get stressful. And every time I have one, I feel guilty and ashamed. And anyway, we are trying to get pregnant! So I need to be healthy!!

I'm tired of quitting, then starting, then quitting again. I pray about it often, but I have yet to overcome this. If you are dropping by and reading this, could you say a quick prayer for me?

I hate to ask, but I'm starting to feel hopeless.

Please email me anytime if you'd like prayer. It's a privilege for me to be able to pray for you, in whatever circumstances or sins that you might be facing.

For His Glory


Stan said...

I'll pray for you Sis. God bless ya.

Samantha said...

thank you

Writer, Splinters of said...

I heard on the radio that if you are trying to quit smoking that you can try this. When ever you have the desire to smoke do a quick excercise like walk, etc and because of what excercise does (don't remember the terminology) it may releave the desire to smoke. Since you mentioned you hope to quit, thought this might be worth the try.

Stan said...

Funny thing about exercise and smoking. I used to walk every day at lunch and in the evening. I would carry a cigarette and enjoy the time with a smoke. One day I decided to quit smoking. Well, the smoking stopped, but so did the walking. It seems, in my case, the smoking gave me the desire to exercise.

I guess I AM twisted. Hmmm ... should I take up smoking again? (No.)

mudpuddlehuddle said...

You know what I find weird...

I run 3 days a week and do yoga 2-3 days a week. You'd think I'd kick the habit, but after I exercise, I only seem to have a 10 minute high, and then suddenly I want to smoke.


P.S.: You're not twisted :)

Samantha said...

Weird....that was from me. I somehow commented under Michael's name.

Julianne said...

Just wanted to let you know that I love you sis and I am praying with you on this matter and others. I know you find this to be an insurmountable struggle that you have failed time and again. However, I don't believe it has been all failure, as I think surely God has taught you some wonderful lessons through each of these trials of quitting a habit you desire to not master you. I do not have a solution to offer you, but I do give you my sincere prayers my dear sister.

I surely could use your prayers at this time as well. For God to reveal His will to me, help me discern some matters at hand, and give me the strength to walk through these times. Thanks sis and many blessings to you in Christ Jesus, Julianne

Writer, Splinters of said...

Guess this proves there is not a quick fix that matches everybody. My uncle smoked for years and years and he quit by buying a gun. He wanted a gun so everytime he wanted to buy cigerattes he would put the money instead in a jar. He then bought the gun and hasn't smoked since. As to how he beat the cravings I don't know. I have never smoked so I can't say I really understand how hard it is to quit - but I do believe I am addicted to Dr Pepper.

Samantha said...

I am addicted to Caffeine too. There is something so delicious about a cup of coffee and a cigarette.

No there is not! Ah! That was the flesh talking.

I have so many idols.

The flesh says, "Indulge! Indulge in your cravings."

And God says, "I am sufficient. I am enough."

I wish I craved God as badly as I crave cigarettes.

Thank God we have such a beautiful, merciful, loving Savior.

Samantha said...

Thank you Julianne! I am praying for you to find the LORD's will as well!