Feb 21, 2007

Now the word of the LORD came to me, saying

"God told me to do it"

This is probably the most heretical line we could say...UNLESS IT LINES UP WITH SCRIPTURE.

There have been many, many, many people who claim that God told them to do something. "God told me to tell you ______" , "God told me that I shouldn't do ___________" or "God said_________"

It is SO dangerous, so, so, so, so, so, so dangerous to utter these words unless they match up entirely with scripture! And if scripture is silent on whatever it may be that you claim "God" has told you, I plead with you to not attribute it to God!

Great article on the subject: "God told me" by Mark Dever


Anonymous said...

AMEN! When I think God has "told" me something, He knows I will beg Him to confirm it through Scriptures and other godly brothers and sisters, because I don't trust my flesh. My flesh has deceived me before and I would be a fool to think it cannot happen.

God does confirm, truly He does. I asked Him to confirm some things I felt He was calling me to do and there is actually this fairly well known woman in Christ that I have NEVER met, yet I greatly admire her walk and sound teaching to women and I was going to write to her to ask her some questions. I decided that I should not do that as I was scared that I was trying to "manipulate" the confirmation by such an act, so I did not do it. I know that if God wants to confirm a truth to me, He will do it without my interference, otherwise I will still wonder if it is from Him.

So a week later, I go to Family Bluepring "contact_us" email and find a letter from this very woman who has somehow stumbled on my site and felt led to write to me with the exact confirmations I needed and I sat there crying and praising the Lord for the mysterious and incredible ways in which He works.

And not only her, but two others came forth and shared confirmation with me in unique ways. I already knew what I felt led to do was from Scripture, but even "good" can become a burden if it is not part of the Lord's will for our life. God must call us and we must walk in His purposes for our lives.

I agree, be cautious when you think God has told you to do something. Read His Word (in context, not Bible Roulette style) and pray, pray, pray, for godly counselors to confirm it.

Oh this reminds me of the time somebody in my life tried to manipulate me with "God said." I told the person God would confirm it to us through His Word and others. So when we were praying He told me "God said to turn to Proverbs 32 and I am to read it out loud to you and you are to listen carefully." I smiled and said there is not a chapter 32, so it must be Proverbs chapter 30, verse 2. And when he turned to it, he became silent and refused to read it out loud. "Surely I am more stupid than any man, And I do not have the understanding of a man." LOL! This is a true story. God has such an amazing sense of humor! (I recall Stan posting this verse one time as a joke and it brought back that memory then.) I praise the Lord that He kept me from being manipulated and hopefully taught that person a lesson about not trying to control another by using "God said!"

Samantha said...

LOL! That is awesome!! :D :D