Feb 12, 2007

Make your calling and election sure

People often tell me how Michael (my husband) and I are so much alike. And we are, in some respects. I find myself saying his little phrases and doing certain mannerisms that he often does. And I even see him mimicking me in so many different ways it's just hilarious! His laugh is starting to sound like mine! And I say the word "awesome" a lot more since I've met him. I suppose this is bound to happen when you've spent the last 5 years of your life with someone.

So what do you suppose would happen if you spent the last 5 years of your life walking with God?

Don't you think you'd start picking up some mannerisms that are indeed, godly traits? If you are in the Word everyday, wouldn't it be correct to say that you should be becoming more and more like Christ? If we are truly saved, then the answer would be a resounding "Yes!"

This is what baffles me when so-called believers don't think that studying scripture and being in constant communion with God is necessary for a godly life. If we want to be Christ-like, we have to know what He is like. We have to know what He says is godly, what He says is worldly, what He says is sinful, and what He says is pleasing.

Paul and Peter both exhort us to test our faith, making our "calling and election" sure. So if you've been walking with God for 1, 5, 12 or 50 years, there should be some sort of change! No, you will not be perfect or even close enough to equate yourself with equality to Christ. But you will notice certain character traits that are more like His. After all, if you are a true believer, He is living INSIDE of you! So we can have confidence that He will be sanctifying us, and molding our hearts to be more and more like Himself each day we walk with Him.

So I implore you to test your faith right now. Has there been a change? Are you becoming more and more like Him? Since your "conversion" do you see any growth?

If not, I pray that the LORD would show you your salvation, or your unregenerate state. For the sake of His glory, I pray everyone who reads this would know our LORD and be humbled knowing, "that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8.


Stan said...

This is a blessing coming from someone who has said in the past "I don't know if I'm saved; I don't see any change." =)

Samantha said...

I know! I believe it was in November that God finally blessed me with that confidence :D

I had a lot of people praying for me too!!! And I know you were one of them. What a blessing to have such wonderful brothers and sisters in my life.

Julianne said...

I really like this post dear sister. I used to think I was saved growing up/young adult years. But where was the fruit of a converted life? Many say I was just not matured or that I was a carnal Christian...maybe. But I tell you the only assurance we have that we are saved is not only if we believe He abides in us, but when we are abiding in Him. If we are abiding in Him, as you suggested, there will be the fruit of that repentance from our former self-ruled life. We no longer submit to ourselves, but to the Lord.

Only in the last decade of my life do I see the fruit of repentance. So I tell you that I am so blessed I did not die before then. Now if I die, I have no doubts as to where I go and to Whom I live forever!

God truly is amazing and I stand in awe of Him while falling on my face at the same time.

By the way, I am so blessed to hear that you too can finally see the change in your life. We have for quite some time! :-)

Nate said...

Works because of Faith. Another astute observation.