Jan 3, 2007

A sobering thought

Those who are born of God cannot walk up to Jesus as He hangs on the cross and say, "I know that you are suffering now for my sins and that it is your dying wish that I sin no more. But there's this one need that I have that I can only satisfy by sinning and so I hope you'll understand as I thrust this other sword into Your side. There now. I am sure glad that everytime I do that Your blood forgives me." Those who have been born of God cannot think like that. So all I have to say to a person before He chooses to commit sin is, "Advance at your own peril. There may be no forgiveness because you may be so decisively hardened by crucifying Christ afresh (Hebrews 6:6) that you will not be able to find genuine repentance anymore." -John Piper

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ann_in_grace said...

Amen and Amen.