Jan 23, 2007

And the LORD said, "Samantha, do you deserve heaven?"

No LORD. I don't deserve heaven. I deserve hell. I walked after self righteousness and was dead in sin and trespasses. Yet you were merciful to me because of the sacrifice of your Son, Jesus Christ! You sent Him down to carry my sin, and it pleased you to bruise Him to satisfy your wrath. It pleased you to bruise Him because through His sacrifice many were declared righteous. And when you saved me, you opened my eyes so that I would love your law, and so I would abide in you and forsake my sin. And by your great sanctifying power, you lead me in the ways of righteousness and caused me to walk in your statutes; you've persevered me to the end. So LORD, I cannot claim that by my own merits I deserve heaven, but through You Lord! Through YOU, I will have eternal rest and peace in your arms.

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ann_in_grace said...

Praised be the Almighty God, and Our Savior.