Sep 29, 2006

Say a little prayer....

Sunday, October 1st, my best friend and I (my best friend being Ariana) will be running our first marathon! 26.2 long, tiring miles!! BUT...we are so excited and so nervous at the same time!!

If you have a moment, could you keep us in your prayers? I pray all of my brothers and sisters have a beautiful weekend, filled with God, with joy, and with glorifying our Father.

May the love of Christ rule in your hearts.


Julianne said...

Oh Samantha, how very exciting! I definitely will say a prayer for you and your friend. I pray this time finds you in sweet fellowship with God and sharing His love with others. Please let us know how it turns out for you. I am so proud that you have kept working towards this goal!

Blessings to you sis!

Samantha said...

Hey Julianne-

It went pretty well. I am pretty tired still, but the Lord guided my feet until the end! (And He still is!)

My friend ended up getting dehydrated and was brought to the hospital, so that was really sad, but she is doing all right now.

Thank you for your prayers :D

Julianne said...

Ohhhh this is great news, other than your friend becoming dehydrated of course. I was just wondering how this turned out for you and thought I would ask, but here you have already posted the answer!

So very cool that you hung in there until the end! So tell me, do you want to do another marathon or did this finish that idea? I have never done a marathon myself, so I really admire you for this endeavor!

Sending you a hug dear sis, Julianne

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you did well, congrats!

Also, you have some great Spurgeon quotes.

God Bless!

Samantha said...

Thanks Julianne!!

I am probably going to be running another marathon on Oct 23rd. Why? I don't know. I'm nuts. sounds like fun!! What's funny about running is that even though I could barely walk or move after the marathon, I couldn't wait to get back out to run again!!

Weird :D

Samantha said...

Thanks Theophilus!! And Spurgeon is definitely one of my favorite preachers!