May 9, 2007

Romans 8:28

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose."

I remember in 10th grade when Mike, my best friend, was killed in a car accident, I took one look at Christ and hate welled up in my heart. People told me to "seek comfort in the arms of Christ." What foolishness had gotten a hold of these people? How dare they bring up God , when it was Him who took my friend away?

At that time, I was certainly not saved. So Romans 8:28 did not apply to me whatsoever. However, what was so awesome is how Christ transformed me by Mike's death. About a year after he died, his parents decided to adopt 3 children from Albania. And even my unregenerate heart was humbled. As I spoke blasphemies at Christ, He showered love on Mike's family and those 3 kids; He showered love on me. He showed me that out of deep pain, love could still win. Without Mike's death, 3 little kids would be without a home. Without Mike's death, I wouldn't have seen now how Romans 8:28 is indeed true!

And more importantly, the most sanctified part of my life has been remembering my great sin in hating God, and knowing that that very sin is one that has been washed away by His blood. While I was sinning, Christ died for me. While I blasphemed His Name, He gave up His life for me. He loved me, not because I loved Him, but because He chose to love me despite my sins....because of the righteousness of Christ.

That is marvelous indeed. Isn't it?


Stan said...

Don't stop blogging your thoughts. Good stuff.

Samantha said...

:) You're nice.