Apr 23, 2007

The Blank Bible

Building a Blank Bible

What an excellent idea! I would really love LOVE to buy Jonathan Edward's blank bible, but it runs at about $100 used to $200 new.

My reading list for the next few months:

1) The Excellent Wife (Martha Peace) ...Reading....
2) Redemption: Accomplished and Applied (John Murray)
3) Instruments in the Redeemers Hands (Paul David Tripp)
4) Legacy of Sovereign Joy: God's Triumphant Grace in the Lives of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin (John Piper)
5) Studies in the Sermon on the Mount (D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

At least, that's what I'm thinking. Any thoughts? Any books you would recommend?


Stan said...

I went to The Lockman Foundation (the ones who do the NASB) and found a Loose-leaf version for $49.95. You add your own cover. Or you could get it with a cover for $69.95. Look here.

Stan said...

Oh, and if you go here (that's www.christianbook.com and search for "loose-leaf"), that $69.95 version is available for $39.95!

Samantha said...

Thanks Mr. Stan. :D