Aug 21, 2007

Song of Solomon

Is Song of Solomon written about the bride of Christ, or is it merely a story of Solomon and his lover?


Stan said...

Yes indeed!

Stan said...

Too cryptic? Okay, how about this? Solomon wrote it about someone he loved. That's what it's about. As such, it can be applied to various human concepts such as love, romance, and sexual relationships. (It disproves, for instance, the severe Victorian sexual repression. God made sex and intends it to be enjoyed in the proper context.)

Since it is about human love, it can be carried beyond the bounds of Solomon and his lover to anyone and their lover, which would include Christ and His Bride, the Church.

So, yes, it is about the bride of Christ and Solomon and his lover.

Samantha said...

Yeah, I was confused because I've heard two different sides, so I wasn't sure how to study it or read it :)

Thanks for shedding light on it!

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