Aug 13, 2007

The fury of God's storm

The thunderstorm we had early Saturday morning was amazing. It was a torrential downpour: complete with hail, winds as high as 65mph and cloud-to-ground lightning. I really thought I was going to see a tornado touch down at any moment.

I was terrified. All weekend, I kept thinking about this storm though. It was if the LORD was urging me to think on it. Suddenly what came to mind, is that if I was as terrified as I was at this storm, how much more should I be terrified of God's wrath? I wonder sometimes, if He doesn't cause storms and natural disasters to remind us of that? The weather is one thing that man cannot "control" (although God is always in control). Man is completely helpless with what the weather does. We can do our best to prepare, but we cannot stop hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami's, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, thunderstorms, etc. etc.

It's reminders like these that put praise on my lips, knowing that Christ is my hiding place; a safe cloak for the fury of God's storm.

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Julianne Bell said...

I have watched each of my children go through that phase of utter terror from the severe lightning about them, feeling helpless.

I think I would feel this terror myself at times if it was not for having to be "strong" for my children. Kind of like spiders...I hate them. If my hubby is present, then I can let him be the brave one, but if he is not here...then I have no option but to be SuperSpiderKillerMom!

Just another reminder of relying on the Fatherhood of our God! He is our strength and shelter.

Blessings to you sis!